Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Twisted Pony

     I got lazy this morning and slept in and decided not to wash my hair.  So I was sifting through Pinterest trying to find something I sort of style to pull my hair back into. I decided on a mimore laid back twist into a ponytail.

 I teased the crown and spritzed some Not Your Mothers Dry Shampoo in the roots. With an imperfect middle part twisted each section away from my face and rolled it back and pinned each side to hold in place. Then used another bobby pin to lock each side. and gather the base into a messy low ponytail and finished with some hair spray to hold the twists in place and ruffed up the crown a little bit. And that's it!

Voila! An easy laid back but proffessional style for going to work or anytime. Done and done.

P.S. Excuse my break out I never get anything this bad :( idk whats going on.


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