Sunday, August 18, 2013

Think Less, Live More

      Mike and I planned a daytrip for today... He's been wanting to go to the casino and weve been so busy the past few weekend we haven't gotten the chance. So I promised him we could go this Sunday so last night we decided to make of day of it. So we slept in and got ready and headed downtown Milwaukee for brunch at Cafe Benelux. (I'm a big bloody mary fan.) We had an incredible meal, eggs benedict for me and biscuits and gravy for him. I convinced him to come with me the literally 100 ft to Anthropologie. By the way, I think it bears pointing out that it's genius that they have a couch in there. I've seen many a woman pull her man into that store and a near visible sigh of relief when they see a comfy couch to sit and wait on. (I've even witnessed one man full on sleeping on this very couch.)  This store is the closest one to me but since it's all the way downtown it's hard to make it down there. Unfortunatley, today wasn't a shopping day so I kept it short and sought out for inspiration. Every time I go there I'm always drawn to the little tables with various books, notebooks, candles and nicknacks, they make me feel like im just wandering around someones (extremely chic and well stocked) apartment.

very serious menu reading@ Benelux
 [See right.]
Mike jokes that I insist on smelling every single candle in the entire store (yes, I'm that girl.) I always go in prepared to fall in love and buy something but I never seem to be able to justify least not on a college student salary.  I always think to myself that 'I could find something just like that for cheaper' or 'doesn't Marshalls have something just like this.' I admit I'm a bargain hunter with very expensive inspiration. I love a good trip to J.Crew but only ever leave with the essentials. I'm always eyeing up those gorg necklaces. (Someday I WILL OWN ONE). I think I kind of pride myself on being able to find the near perfect dupe for almost anything high-end or high style. I have a couple J.Crew-esque bubble necklaces found at Kohls. It's almost my hobby though, searching through little home-owned boutiques and finding things that I'm certain Anthropologie would covet for their little perfectly styled tables. Anyways, I think its more fun and it means more when you go out and have a story to go with your coffee table full of cuteness.

After wandering through the casino and watching Mike in "little kid in a candy store" mode, I just realized that even though I hate casinos...and Mike hates Anthropologie, sometimes you just go along for the experience. Stop thinking about how unfun it's going to be and find something to catch your interest. I started realizing how much I love the people watching in casinos. Its fascinating all the different types you find. All the different rituals and lucky charms people insist on. My favorite is peoples faces when they're playing slot machines. Or watching the dealers hand movements. It's and entire culture of it's own and if you haven't been, you must! (At least just once....for the story.)

Anyway, after a our little daytrip adventure, not to mention getting lost in the Latino part of Milwaukee. (I loved it all the spanish language signs, I wanted to take pictures but I was driving!) We drove home for a family dinner at Mike's parents house and finally ended a beautiful weekend with a stunning sunset.

This may or may not have already become my new phone background for the week.
I wish you lots of love and inspiration this week.

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