Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lazy Girl Top Knot Tutorial

I am so one of those lazy girls who half way through the week just gives up on styling her hair in the morning. PLUS, I've been trying to wash less so I've been having to get really creative to look cute while dealing with greasies. I swear, the top knot had to have been created specifically for girls like me.  I've developed my own special lazy way of doing this look. Here's what you need:

Brush or comb (for light teasing), hairspray and bobby pins
Start with dry clean or dirty hair.

First: Flip hair over and spray dry shampoo from roots to mid length of hair. Let sit while you do makeup. Then massage into roots.If clean skip to step two.

Second:Flip hair and gather into high ponytail.

Hold end of ponytail and gently tease the whole pony.

Fold ponytail in half.

Wrap ends around the folded part and then fluff gently.

Pin ends in place and anywhere else you would like to keep bun in place.

Spritz bun with hairspray, if you want, to keep things in place.

And you have your self a fab, quick top knot for work or play.

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