Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Funday: Nail Edition

So my nails have been begging for something new and exciting to be painted onto them this week and I ran into someone instagram photo from NYFW and instantly fell in love with this transition from summer to fall nail look... Although I have some mixed feelings about giving up my bright and light summer nail colors for the rich darker shades of fall this blue look makes me forget all about those regrets and makes me excited about this seasons full bodied colors.

I'm not gonna get to crazy and just go witha basic long square nail with a dark/navy blue with a matte topcoat.

I'm using Sinful Colors Ciao Bella! which is sort of shimmery but I feel like it will give this matte some interesting dimension...and I'm topping it with Essie Matte About You top coat.

 Tools of the trade: Buffer, polish, matte topcoat, nail envy (original), nail clips, hand lotion, nail file.
 Step 1: Clipped, filed, cuticle oiled & exfoliated, nail envied and prepped for pretty polish :).

 Step 2: Two coats of color Sinful Colors Ciao Bella! As even as possible matte top coat exposes all screw ups.


 Step 3: Top with two coats of Essie Matte About You and admire your handy work.
Top with rings to make the nails pop.

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