Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm Moving!

Hey guys although my time here on blogger has been fun, I'm moving Sweethartland over to!!

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Thank you so much for reading!:)


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review: Face Primers


I have quite the little collection going of primers. They are mostly drugstore primers but there are a few high-end mixed in. Over the years I have found that some are fantastic and some just aren't worth the money. In my opinion a good primer can make or break your makeup look. Everyone knows that starting with a clean face is the best canvas for makeup and most primers just makes that canvas more beautiful than before. The first primer I ever bought was a Sonia Kashuk Primer from target. I don't have it anymore because I loved it and used it all up. I cant remember what it was called but it was perfect for my skincare and makeup routine at the time. Now it probably wouldn't work as well.... but if your younger and have a somewhat oily complexion I would definitley check it out.

Arbonne Virtual Illusion Makeup Primer- This would be a great primer for dryer skin types, it's very siliconey ( word?) and goes on smooth and silky put for me I'm just not a fan. I tried over and over to give it chances and it just never impressed me. I have yet to try it on my dryer skin friends just because I don't have very much confidence in it. Oily skin + Arbonne Primer= No No.

L'oreal RevitaLift Miracle Blur- I love this stuff. To me its a much cheaper less refined version on Benefit Porefessional. It blurs pores gorgeously while protecting your skin from the sun. It doesn't wear GREAT under foundation but under a powder or on its own its worth owning.

Smashbox Photo Finish Light-Let me start by saying I LOVE smashbox products. They have got it goin on.  They have 5 or 6 different primers to choose from for every thing you need fixed! I choce the Light primer because it claimed to "refresh oily skin, increase longetivity of foundation and impart a matte finish." DUH! I had to have it and I love it. It goes on smooth but doesn't feel heavy or oily like some primers can. It kept me matte for most of the day. (I have yet to find something perfect.) By my standards it does it's job. This little bottle is almost gone and I've had it for about 4 months. I will refresh my stock. Five stars!


Neutrogena Shine Control Primer- I believe this is a somewhat new product. Claims to " control shin all day with or without makeup, extend the wear of makeup, matte finish, won't overdry skin or clog pores." No. Now maybe its just me and my crayyyy skin but this did no such thing. It went on like a moisturizer then dried to a matte finish... for a while. Almost an hour later I was massively oily and had to touch up and even worse when I took my makeup off later my skin felt very dry and oily at the same time...possible right? ....Well this stuff did the trick. But that's just my opinion. No go Neutrogena.

NYX Shine Killer Primer- This stuff  is great I had a little bottle and it lasted me over half the year. I plan on buying it again. It's so cheap! I love finding little gems like these. Shine Killer is a silicone based primer that makes makeup look flawless. Keep it up NYX!


Benefit Porefessional- Last but not least...not by a long shot. This stuff it worth the hype. It smooths away my pores and has a perfectly blanced feel on face. I love that the little tint it has just evens out my skin tone just the perfect littlest bit. It make my face look flawless and makeup stay on longer and stay beautiful. It doesn't do much for my oil but thats ok because it doesn't make it worse and its face smoothing abilitys are so distracting. Two thumbs up! 

Some swatches:

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Funday: Nail Edition

So my nails have been begging for something new and exciting to be painted onto them this week and I ran into someone instagram photo from NYFW and instantly fell in love with this transition from summer to fall nail look... Although I have some mixed feelings about giving up my bright and light summer nail colors for the rich darker shades of fall this blue look makes me forget all about those regrets and makes me excited about this seasons full bodied colors.

I'm not gonna get to crazy and just go witha basic long square nail with a dark/navy blue with a matte topcoat.

I'm using Sinful Colors Ciao Bella! which is sort of shimmery but I feel like it will give this matte some interesting dimension...and I'm topping it with Essie Matte About You top coat.

 Tools of the trade: Buffer, polish, matte topcoat, nail envy (original), nail clips, hand lotion, nail file.
 Step 1: Clipped, filed, cuticle oiled & exfoliated, nail envied and prepped for pretty polish :).

 Step 2: Two coats of color Sinful Colors Ciao Bella! As even as possible matte top coat exposes all screw ups.


 Step 3: Top with two coats of Essie Matte About You and admire your handy work.
Top with rings to make the nails pop.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Eclectic Decor + Girly Coffee Table Books

I've been obsessed with decorating lately. Since I live with my parents..(I know! but it's cheap & I'm paying for college!) I pretty much just have my room to work with here, but boy do I try! I've been like hoarding/coveting throw pillows lately. I wanted to add a splash of color to my room without adding too much clutter. I just love those rooms where all the colors combine so perfectly and it makes the room feel collected and decorated. 

I've been collecting magazine clipings and (obviously) pinning things on Pinterest that make me even more excited to have my own place again. Every time I drive past the flower shop by my work I feel compelled to stop and buy fresh flowers.... but I don't expensive are flowers these days!!

I just picked up a sort of pinkish velvet throw pillow from World Market the other day to add to the cluster on my bed. There's just something so mature about the perfect pop of fashion and in interior design.

I've been collecting ideas for coffee table books to buy for when I HAVE a coffee table again.
Here's my ideas:

Kate Spade - Things We Love-$40.00

French Flair: Modern Vintage Interiors-Anthropologie-$45.00



Paris In Color-$14.46


The Big Book of Chic-Anthropologie-$75.00

Top with an adorable  vase of pink garden roses & a yummy smelling candle and you're good to go!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer Beauty Awards

     Since summer has officially come to a close, at least, for those students out there, I thought I would collect all my favorite tried and true beauty products and share them with you....

When it comes to summer, I don't know about you but I like to have a little color on my skin... It makes wearing short shorts and cute tank tops and dresses just that much more fun. In fact, year round I really like to have a little color to my skin and since it naturally is pretty pale I've tried many a tanning lotion/sunless tanner. (Who wants sun damage, not cute.) Now I've tried all the hardcore "painting on brown" like tanners and I just don't feel comfortable changing color over night or having to chill naked waiting for it to dry flawlessly...usually it doesn't anyways. I've been bouncing back and forth from using Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. This product used to REEK (sp?) back in the day. They've really updated the formula now and it smells normal and does a great job of giving you subtle and natural color that buils every day you use it.

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. This stuff if BOMB! Spray it on curls or straight hair for the perfect matte rocker texture.

M Morroccan Oil. I got it from my hairstylist and I smooth it onto the bottom  3/4 of my damp combed  hair and massage a little into ends. This oil smooths and adds shine without weighing down my fine hair.

Sonia Kashuk Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in Beige. This stuff is awesome. One of the best drugstore/department store tinteds I've ever used. Smooth texture and solid color payoff and blends so beautifully and doesn't feel greasy on my skin. I strongly recomend you try this. I switch between this and Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. ( Also a must.)

L'oreal Color Riche Balm in Caring Coral. This is the perfect quick lip color for year round. When I'm in a rush or going to class I always slap some of this on so my lips don't look dead. It's like a lip balm and gloss in one. This color carrys well from summer to fall + the packaging it so adorable.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal 24HR in Barely Branded. This is the perfect waterproof, sweatproof eye makeup. I use my ring finger to dab some in the inner corner of my eye and on the lid to add a little shimmer  the won't budge even if you go swimming. Sometimes I even use it as an eyeshadow base for shimmery colors. It's a shimmery beige color that would work on any skin tone. I've found a little separation and creasing but only after into the early morning wear.

Last, but not least, Marc Jacobs Oh! Lola. I only have a mini sample of this perfume but I'm obsessed with it. I'm trying my best to slim down my fragrance collection before I buy anything new, so this sample will have to do for now. But the sample even has the flowery cap in it and I just wanna carry it everywhere it's so cute. This must-smell is so flowery and fresh, very girly and very summer.

This concludes my end of season beauty awards.
Thanks for reading-Stay beautiful!


Monday, September 2, 2013

OMG it's already September!

Can you believe it! Summer went so fast. For me classes start tommorow so I'm enjoying my last day with any sort of life outside of school and work. I bought some new yummy fall candles yesterday at World Market, ( If you don't know what world market is you are missing out!!), which is kind of an unconcious tradition of mine. For some reason, having a yummy smelling candle lit while doing homework makes it much more enjoyable.

I just wanted to say thank you if you're reading this! No matter how you got here YOU ROCK! I hope you come back and visit again :) And don't forget that you're beautiful and smart! :)

   Anyways, I want to spend the day just relaxing and do my best not to leave the house! Although I do have to go to the library... but maybe that can wait. I've recently rediscovered my local library and I just feel so happy when I go in there. You should try it!

Anyways, here's some pictures from my weekend so far...

car selfies

beautiful sunset :)

                                                           I love these shorts!!
                                                                 (I love him!!)

                                                        we were watching the ufc fight


                           this is so blurry but this huge storm came rolling in so fast we were watching

XOXO, Happy September Beauts!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Review: Makeup Forever Mat Velvet

    So I went on a crusade to find the perfect matte foundation for this summer. I had been switching around between a tinted moisturizer and a mineral powder and a drugstore foundation with a mattifying powder. I wasn't totally happy with any of it. And as the heat started to ramp up this summer I kept getting shinier and shiner throughout the day. Needless to say, I was pissed.

       So I did a ton of research and searched through millions of reviews and finally settled on a couple of choices. When I got to my local (and favorite) Sephora and asked the girls what they suggested and finally came to Makeup Forever Mat Velvet... Unfortunatley, I have no idea what shade because I can't seem to find it written on the bottle. and I threw away the box a while ago. Long story short, I am OBSESSED with this foundation. You can build it to be a full coverage foundation. Or a medium coverage foundation if you apply it with your (CLEAN!!) fingers lightly. It can be a little to heavy for some summer days. Other than that, I absolutley love it.  It keeps me perfectly matte but not too powdery looking and the colors match perfectly. I mean I've almost tried every foundation and this is something that I will definitley purchase again.

ß Best Matte Foundation Award

XOXO Happy Long Weekend

Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Inspiration

It's  rainy today where I am. It's been a lazy day but I've been feeling really inspired. Here's whats keeping a smile on my face this weekend before classes start and I TRY and keep from getting stressed. Keep it laid back and comfortable.

 [ALL pics courtesy of pinterest]

Have a wonderful relaxing Labor Day weekend. Take advantage of all those sales out there. I know I'll be online shopping like crazy.

Stay gorg.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lazy Girl Top Knot Tutorial

I am so one of those lazy girls who half way through the week just gives up on styling her hair in the morning. PLUS, I've been trying to wash less so I've been having to get really creative to look cute while dealing with greasies. I swear, the top knot had to have been created specifically for girls like me.  I've developed my own special lazy way of doing this look. Here's what you need:

Brush or comb (for light teasing), hairspray and bobby pins
Start with dry clean or dirty hair.

First: Flip hair over and spray dry shampoo from roots to mid length of hair. Let sit while you do makeup. Then massage into roots.If clean skip to step two.

Second:Flip hair and gather into high ponytail.

Hold end of ponytail and gently tease the whole pony.

Fold ponytail in half.

Wrap ends around the folded part and then fluff gently.

Pin ends in place and anywhere else you would like to keep bun in place.

Spritz bun with hairspray, if you want, to keep things in place.

And you have your self a fab, quick top knot for work or play.