Saturday, August 24, 2013

Travel Bug

 Ive recently got this incredible desperate need to travel. It doesn't matter where as long as its somewhere I've never been before. And almost as strong a need is the one to capture those travels with stunning photography. Now I'm no photographer but I wish I was. I guess You could call me a amateur with an iPhone. But someday I hope to own a nice camera an maybe even a GoPro and maybe have enough money left over for a flight to Europe... ok the West Coast would do.  But really take me anywhere. In an age where everyone is having babies so young I just cant imagine being so tied down with kids. Yes, I'm engaged   but I dont think that being committed to my best friend is holding me back. I think its a step forward. Anyway here's a few pics from my photo diary of our trip to Munising Michigan this past weekend. 

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