Monday, August 26, 2013

Back To College Bag/Desk Must Haves

Ahh!  about a week till classes start.  I'm in full on organization mode.  I love having everything clean and in it's place so there's less to worry about. ..and that sounds reaaaaly anal. But it's the truth.  There's a few things that I need in order to stay on track throughout the year.

1. A planner. This one is obvious. I mean I dont know how anyone can go without a planner. It just makes me feel way less stressed about my busy schedule. I usually right down important birthdates and phone numbers right away inside. I love Lilly Pulitzer planners, like this one here. 

2.  A small notebook. I always have a small ringed notebook to write to-do lists and little notes. It just helps to be able to right down what your thinking when you think it, then move on to the next thing. Try it. I promise you'll bring your stress level down instantly. P.S. I'm a list maker.....If you couldn't tell.

3. Post its & page flags. I use page flags to mark relevant sections to read and refer to when studying. Post its to coordinate them in my notes. Ex: Red page flag on Chapter 2 and Red post it notes refering to Chapter next to coordinating notes.

4. Laptop and/or desktop computer. For obvious reasons, dropbox, school email and papers/projects.

5. File folders & filing crates, I put filing crates near my desk and organize all my papers in categories, this helps me keep clutter off my desk by being able to locate a set spot for things that accumulate.

Ok... not only do I now feel totally crazy, I'm pretty sure you might too. These are the things I've found keep me on track and help me have a efficient and effective school year.


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